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News > Iran has been successful in the industry of micro-satellites.

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Chairman of Iran National Space Administration:

Iran has been successful in the industry of micro-satellites.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Manouchehr Manteghi, chairman of Iran national space administration, stated about the status of Iran in terms of production of microsatellites: The concept of microsatellites is not a new subject in Iran, and bases of its knowledge and technology have been created in knowledge-based companies and universities.

He added: a specific direction must be determined for this industry to produce cost-effective microsatellites.

According to Manteghi, networking between satellites is significantly important in order to meet the economic needs of the country.

He also expressed: today, our country has an acceptable status in terms of production of microsatellites, and we are enriched regarding basic sciences and specialists of this field.

Manteghi continued: microsatellites are usually created by universities. Currently, six universities are working on various satellite projects with full mastery and required skills.

Chairman of Iran national space administration pointed out that in these universities, three bases of national products have been defined. In this regard, he asserted: each of these universities provide considerable services.

Head of Iran national space administration affirmed in another part of his speech: one of the advantages of microsatellites is their fast manufacturing and decreased costs since we can achieve the production of several similar microsatellites by manufacturing one large satellite. In fact, a series production can be established in this area.

Manteghi also mentioned that smaller satellites can have the exact applicability of larger satellites.

According to Manteghi, a network of 24 100-kg satellites can obtain the same results as a 2.7-ton satellite. The perspective of the world will move toward this subject in the next two decades, when people can have personal satellites and control them with their own cellphones.

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