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News > The Greeting Message of the vice president for science and technology affairs: the year of science resurrection;

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For the Event of Nowruz;

The Greeting Message of the vice president for science and technology affairs: the year of science resurrection;

The vice president for science and technology affairs was hopeful that new year would bring “science resurrection” to the elites and collegiate individuals of the country in his new year message.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, issued a greeting message on the occasion of start of the year 1396. The complete text of this message is provided, as follows:

The Nowruz celebration is the celebration of time. Whatever exists in the universe is not safe from the damages of time. Time will impact everything and everybody. Just the pure nature of God is safe from any casualty. Our life is also will be affected by time. For this reason in Noruz anniversary changes would appear to our age. These times and these Nowruzs can be an illustrative book for humans’ conversion.

In this regard, Saadi has said:

The green leaves of trees in the view of a conscious person
Every piece of them is a leaflet of God’s knowledge

Now is the time to ask ourselves: “what have we done? And what should we do in the year ahead of us?” In my opinion, every human should ask this question in the beginning of Nowruz.

If we were able to eliminate the defects of human society in order to develop the science, to implement an act for developing wisdom in order to eliminate ignorance and poverty, to prevent hearts from breaking and to be the source of blessing for our system, then we did not neglect the past year.

We have tried to develop the science-based atmosphere and irradiate the light of “Made in Iran” in this direction of change. We have tried to support effective and comprehensive plans and with the help of God we will do our best to increase the extension of projects. Of course, the nature teaches humans great lessons. Henri Poincaré, the famous mathematician, wherever encountered scientific obstacles, he reverted to nature and found his loss in the realm of nature. Saadi also has said an appropriate contest: “I love the whole universe that all of it belongs to him (God)”. I congratulate Nowruz to all of my kind people, especially to the elites of our society. I am begging the great God that this year would be the year of “science resurrection” for our elites and collegiate individuals. We should never forget “science not leading to the right passage is ignorance”.

Sorena Sattari
Vice president for science and technology affairs and chairman of national elites foundation

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