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Iran National Space Administration announced its programs
Chairman of the Iran National Space Administration noted being among top ten countries in the world as one of the second 10-year Space program of Iran, which is scheduled to be operational up to 1404.
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Based on the Report of the SCImago Scientific Ranking System
Iran Holds the First Scientific Rank of Aerospace in Middle East
Based on the report of the SCImago scientific ranking system website of the university of Granada of Spain, Iran is in the first scientific rank of aerospace in middle east and 11th rank in the world.
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With the Support from the Vice Presidency for Science Affairs;
The Software Simulation of Star Finder System of Nasir 1 Was Designed
Researchers of the K.N. Toosi university of Technology managed to enhance the performance of the astronomical navigation system of Nasir 1 following the development of this system.
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Head of the Iran National Space Administration:
Iran Considers the Technology of Making Less than 15 Kilograms Satellites
Most countries are active in the field of manufacturing and using less than 15 kilograms satellites. Several universities have achieved the technology for designing and manufacturing of small satellites in Iran.
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Among university officials and professors
Accelerate the pace of the scientific growth at universities and scientific centers
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khameneis speech, in a meeting on Saturday with a group of professors, scientific elites and researchers from universities, science and technology parks, as well as scientific and research centers.
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