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President of the Iranian Aviation and Space Industries Association (IASIA):
The Future of the Aerospace Industry of the Country depends on Knowledge-Based Companies’ Activity
More than 10,000 superior jobs have been created in the field of aerospace through the activity of knowledge-based companies.
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Zafar satellite design & construction will end by next year
Manouchehr Manteghi, discussed Irans achievement of the first regional rank in the area of Aerospace.
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Satari at Iran University of Science and Technology;
The main pillars of knowledge-based economy are “educated youth” and “culture-building”.
Soorena Satari, the vice president of the science and technology headquarter, participated in the ceremony of research week at the University of Science and Technology.
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An Opportunity Has Been Prepared for Commercializing the Science and Technology Skills of Iran
According to UNCTAD’s report, the Islamic Republic of Iran has turned to an international player in fields beyond petroleum and gas through investment in development of science and technology-based skills.
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With the Aim of Developing Science and Technology within the Islam World;
The Science and Technology Exchange Program in Islamic Countries Meeting to Be Held
The secretariat of Mustafa prize (PBUH) has attempted to hold scientific meetings for more cooperation of prominent scientists of the Islamic world.
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