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Synergy of More than 150 Domestic Companies in the Eighth International Air and Space Exhibition of Iran
The eighth international air and space exhibition of Iran was held in the presence of more than 150 domestic companies and representatives from foreign countries at the location of the permanent exhibitions of Tehran.
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Obtaining the Second Rank in Area of Launch Technologies and Space Infrastructures in the Region
Chairman of Iran National Space Administration announced that Iran has ranked second in the area of launch technologies and space infrastructures in the region.
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Level of referrals to space science documents of Iran has improved.
Head of Iran national space administration announced the improvement of Iran’s level in terms of referrals to its space science documents.
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Minister of Foreign Affairs at the Annual Meeting of Pardis Technology Park of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs:
Developments in the field of technology and knowledge-based companies is an honor for the country.
On Tuesday and along with the 15th round of the annual meeting and festival of the bests of Pardis technology park, Zarif responded to some doubts about the willingness of Irans diplomacy system toward expanding associations with Europe.
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Chairman of Iran National Space Administration;
Satellite services that can be provided for public organizations will be introduced.
Chairman of Iran national space administration stated: there is a lack of comprehensive knowledge about space technology abilities and facilities in executive organizations, which has to be introduced to applicants.
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