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Iran Aviation and Space Industries Association (IASIA)
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Iran Aviation and Space Industries Association (IASIA)

(+9821)44672038 & 44672160

The Iran Aviation and Space Industries Association is a non-governmental entity which started with 27 participating companies that were active in the aerospace industry. It was established in 2007 and has its secretariat in Tehran. Now IASIA includes more than 170 active companies with formal membership in the aerospace engineering field. Supporting of members to develop their activities and services and also providing the basis of general development of aerospace engineering field in Iran is main objectives of the IASIA. It is also the primary holder of National Exhibition of Iranian Aviation and Space Industries which is held annually. The exhibition will provide an opportunity for the Iranian state-owned and private companies, airlines, knowledge-based aerospace companies, academic centers, aviation publications and producers of aeronautical parts to showcase their abilities.

IASIA has 6 professional working groups:

  • Working group of general aviation
  • Working group of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
  • Working group of electronics, avionics, radar, and telecommunication
  • Working group of tooling
  • Working group of repair and maintenance
  • Working group of consultation, training and standard

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