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Iran Meteorogical Organization
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Iran Meteorogical Organization


I.R. of Iran Meteorological Organization (IRIMO) was established in 1955 as «National Head Office for Meteorology», associated with the Ministry of Transportation. After establishment of the Meteorological Administration, all stations founded by different departments were conceded to the Administration. These stations were synoptic, climatology and rain gauge stations which performed their own observations. Iranian Meteorological Administration became the 103rd member of World Meteorological Organization in 1959. After Islamic Revolution it serves in further fields like providing hydrological and agricultural meteorology services along with its major responsibility, promotion of transportation safety and providing services to defense and security sectors and risk management in the country. IRIMO also coordinates activities related to space-based meteorology such as weather satellites and observation satellites used to monitor the weather and climate of the Earth. These meteorological satellites, however, see more than clouds and cloud systems. City lights, fires, effects of pollution, auroras, sand and dust storms, snow cover, ice mapping, boundaries of ocean currents, energy flows, etc., are other types of environmental information collected using weather satellites.

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