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Aerospace Research Institute (ARI)
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Aerospace Research Institute (ARI)


The Aerospace Research Institute (ARI) has been funded in 2000. The ARI is a research center branch of the Iranian ministry of science, research and technology. There are four major research groups in ARI namely the aeronautics science and technology dept., the space science and technology dept., the aerospace standards, law and management dep. And the aerospace physiology research group. More than 25 academic staff and near a hundred research specialists involving in the different aerospace and biology related fields of study are working with this institute.

ARI capabilities

From research to the mission ARI is comprehensive aeronautical and space research center that covers fields, from the development of payload subsystems to aeronautical benchmarking. ARI provides systems for sounding rockets and experiment equipment for research in microgravity conditions. From the national launch base in center of the country, ARI launched sounding rockets for research in the areas of microgravity, biophysics and biospace studies.

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