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Aerospace Industries Organization (AIO) of Iran
Aerospace Industries Organization (AIO) of IranCategory: ,,

Aerospace Industries Organization (AIO) of Iran

Publication: (+9821)22945466

The Aerospace Industries Organization of Iran, is located in Tehran. It is a leading high-tech industry which is affiliated under the Defense Industries Organization of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL). Its products include the launchers, rocket and booster propellants and components. AIO is the obvious organization to lead the development and production of the space assets such as space propulsion systems and space launch and operating centers and ground control stations. It is also the main developer of Iranian Launch vehicles called Safir and Simorgh and their successor versions. Safir Launch vehicle has been used to launch the first domestically developed satellite Omid and 3 others named Rasad, Navid, and Fajr satellites.

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