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Zafar satellite design & construction will end by next year

According to the public relations and information center of the presidency vice presidency for science and technology affairs, Manouchehr Manteghi, the president of Iran National Space Administration (INSA) discussed the achievement of the first regional rank in the area of aerospace and stated: this issue has several aspects, including scientific and academic activities. In 2015, Iran ranked eleventh in the world in terms of science production in the field of Aerospace.
He also added: compared to 2014, the number of referrals was improved by one rank. In addition, Iran has ranked first in the field of aerospace in the region in the last four years.
Manteghi pointed out the development observed in the space technology and affirmed: the defined projects were conducted by universities and assisted by knowledge-based companies. In this regard, some examples include the Zafar, AUT SAT, Friendship, and Nahid satellites.
According to Manteghi, the two remote sensing satellites of Amir Kabir and the telecommunication satellite of Nahid are in the final stages of testing and they will soon be ready to launch.
The president of Iran national space Administration referred to the communication balloon system and added: designing and manufacturing Tadbir-1 satellite are accomplished and testing of the Mogheed balloon will be initiated soon.
Manteghi discussed the production of academic satellites and asserted: The Friendship academic satellite is a remote sensing satellite and its construction is being completed. This satellite is designed and produced by Sharif University of Technology, and is ready to be launched. Moreover, design and development of the Zafar satellite will be completed next year.

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