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Navid Remote Sensing Satellite
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Navid Remote Sensing Satellite

The 50kg Navid microsatellite that was launched on February 3, 2012 was the first satellite to be constructed by the Iran University of Science and Technology in conjunction with ISA. Navid was a 50cm cube to test a camera for taking Earth imagery and collecting weather data, and the associated telecommunications link. The satellite had a life span of 2 months and the resolution of its imagery was 400m. This Earth observation satellite traveled around the globe in an orbit having an apogee of 375km, a perigee of 250km, an inclination of 55 degrees and a period of 90min. It passed over the country six times per day. Navid was the third satellite to be launched indigenously by Iran, and was placed into orbit by a new configuration of the Safir-1B satellite launch vehicle whose second stage was larger with 20% greater thrust. Operation table of this satellite is below:

Type / Application Remote Sensing / Technology Demonstration
Orbit 250 Km - 375 Km
Weight 50 Kg
Life Time 2 Months
Launch Date 2011
Launch Vehicle Safir-1B

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