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Rasad Remote Sensing Satellite
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Rasad Remote Sensing Satellite

In line with research and development plans in space science and technology, on June 15, 2011 a Safir Satellite Launch Vehicle placed the Iranian satellite Rasad-1 into the LEO. Rasad was equipped with body-mounted solar panels to generate power for the batteries, with no limitation in the power source. Stabilization is provided by an extendable gravity gradient boom. It was the country’s first imaging satellite, and was a joint development by the Malek Ashtar Technical University. This 15.3kg satellite with a life span of 21 days performed its mission successfully, beaming images with 150m resolution to its receiving station and reentering the atmosphere on July 6, 2011. It was the third Iranian satellite and the second to be orbited using an indigenous launcher.

Type / Application Remote Sensing/ Technology Demonstration
Orbit 246 Km - 288 Km
Weight 15.3 Kg
Life Time 21 Days
Launch Date 2011
Launch Vehicle Safir-1A

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