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Nasir-1 Star Tracker
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Nasir-1 Star Tracker

This celestial navigation tool was manufactured for the first time in Iran in the faculty of Aerospace and Electrical Engineering, K. N. Toosi University of technology and was successfully tested. Subsystems used for design and manufacture of Nasir-1 Star Tracker include optical hardware, Electronic hardware, Image Processing software, Star Model Identification, and Attitude Determination software. The precision of the sensor has been reported lower than 20 accurate seconds with a CCD whose number of pixels are 768x512.

Scope of Vision 15 Square Degrees
Precision 10-20 Accurate Seconds
Updating Rate Minimum 2 Hz
Limiting Magnitude 6
Focal length 27±3 mm
Focal number 1.2
Sky Catalog Hipparcos
Sensor Type CCD
No. of Pixels 768x512

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