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AUTSat Earth Observation Satellite
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AUTSat Earth Observation Satellite

AUTSAT is a university microsatellite with a remote sensing mission and a secondary mission of store and forward data communication. This satellite is at the stage of design and construction of the flight model by Amirkabir University of Technology, a leading technical university in Iran in conjunction with the Iranian Space Agency (ISA). The satellite’s total weight is about 85 kg and designed by a team of the university faculty and students. This project has strengthened the spirit of team-working and technical cooperation between about 12 university professors and 55 graduate students. The satellite is also capable of monitoring growth of agricultural products in its coverage area.

Type / Application Earth Observation, Store and Forward Data Communication
Orbit 500 – 661 Km
Weight 80 to 85 Kg
Life Time 3-4 Years
Launch Date 2015-2016 Timeframe
Launch Vehicle TBD

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