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Safir SLV
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Safir SLV

The first space launch vehicle (SLV) to be developed by AIO was the Safir-1A. It was used to orbit the domestically developed satellite Omid. Safir-1A is 22m long with a diameter of 1.25m. It is capable of placing a satellite into an orbit with a perigee of 250km and an apogee of 500km. Safir-1A has two liquid propellant stages – a single thrust chambered first stage and a double thrust chambered, second stage – and a liftoff mass which exceeds 26 tons. The achievement of SLV technology for Safir-1A included system engineering, conceptual design, preliminary design, simulation, detail and critical design, integration and test, and quality assurance.

Gross Weight 26 tons
Lift off Thrust 32~37 tons
Length 22 m

Safir-1A 25 kg LEO

Safir-1B 50 kg LEO

Number of stages 2
Versions Safir-1A, Safir-1B
Launched Satellites Omid, Rasad, Navid, Fajr

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