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Tehran University
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Tehran University


Faculty of Sciences and New Technologies and Aerospace Department

The University of Tehran is the oldest and the largest scientific, educational and research center in Iran, and is known as the Mother University or the Symbol of Higher Education of the Country. The Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies (FNST) has been launched in 2010 with a vision to educate and nurture the best and brightest of tomorrow’s scientists, engineers and professionals in various interdisciplinary fields. FNST participates in the education of aerospace engineering at the doctoral level. At the master’s level it teaches space engineering, aerodynamics, aerospace structures, aircraft accidents and flight qualification, propulsion, flight dynamics and control. Aerospace department has 15 faculty members. 

Established in 1998, the Remote Sensing Division at the Department of Surveying and Geomatics Engineering in the Engineering Faculty at the University of Tehran carries out research and education to master’s and PhD level in space technology applications such as remote sensing and photogrammetry. The division’s training and research activities have been continued by establishing the Remote Sensing Laboratory which is the core of all the division’s research activities. The laboratory has facilities for both master’s and PhD students, and as a center for remote sensing it includes an archive of satellite images.

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