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Tabriz University
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Tabriz University


The Research Institute for Applied Physics and Astronomy (RIAPA)

The University of Tabriz, formerly Azarabadegan University, was established in 1946. It’s Faculty of Human and Social Sciences offers master’s programs in remote sensing and geographical information systems. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering has master’s and Ph.D. programs in communications using space. The Faculty of Physics provides master’s and Ph.D. research and education programs in astrophysics. The Research Institute for Applied Physics and Astronomy (RIAPA) was established at the university in 1972 in order to develop research and promote the institute in terms of both quantity and quality in various fields of applied physics. The Institute’s Department of Astronomy conducts research in astronomy and astrophysics with students working for master’s and PhD degrees. RIAPA is a unique multidisciplinary research institute devoted to conducting, supporting and encouraging photonics, engineering and astronomy.

RIAPA has 5 research departments PhotonicsElectronics, Photonics Physics, Telecommunication Photonics, Plasma physics, Astronomy & Astrophysics and more than 90 graduate and under graduate students.

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