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Chairman of Iran National Space Administration:

Creation of knowledge-based companies in the industry is crucial

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Manouchehr Manteghi, chairman of Iran National Space Administration, stated in the program of Payesh with the subject of resistive economy: one of the most important concepts of production is special glance at the present industries. Therefore, the current industries must be renovated from two perspectives of creation of new technology in production and its improvement.

According to Manteghi, other significant issues of this field are increase of knowledge-based companies and creation of a network for these companies in order to manufacture products with higher added values.

In terms of the responsibilities of the government for renovation of industry, Manteghi asserted: the government must create the suitable condition for education of graduates, so that they gain experience and skill in their own profession and work in knowledge-based companies.

He continued: for example, there 70 subcategories in the field of aviation, the majority of need of which is met by foreign enterprises. Meanwhile, we can provide the requirements of these subcategories by using 50 domestic knowledge-based companies.

According to Manteghi, Iran has reached self-sufficiency in the field of commercial aircraft and all components of commercial aircrafts are provided by reliance on domestic workforce. We can even export some components to the other countries.

Manteghi also affirmed: one of the strategies that must be considered in industry is to determine that which fields require production and which fields do not, since Iran cannot be turned into the producer of all components.

As mentioned by Manteghi, the international opportunities for manufacturing products must be taken advantage of and the appropriate condition in the world for attracting advanced technologies must be considered by the Iranian government.

According to Manteghi, the priorities must be first determined in knowledge-based economy, followed by investing in these priorities according to our advanced regulations.

Chairman of Iran National Space Administration also conveyed: if we turn knowledge-based production into a public need, we will definitely obtain great results in economy and industry of the country.

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