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About INSA

Iran National Space Administration

In today's world, presence in Space is undoubtedly a necessity rather than a choice. This necessity is reasonable not only in terms of power and national security components, but also from the aspect of scientific, technological, economic, social and cultural needs.

Space science and technology is a purely strategic area for the welfare of humanity. In this regard, maintaining the integrity and agility of this field requires purposeful management in policy making, planning, coordination and monitoring, focusing on national synergies and the development of international relations. This management needs to cohere, structure and coordinate institutions in order to prevent parallel activities, create institutional synergy, fit all activities and develop cross-border relations. Therefore, The Iran National Space Administration has been formed as an affiliated unit of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, with the aim of coordinating, policy making, planning, monitoring and using the legal capacity of superior research centers. It should be noted that the center possesses an independent organization and specialized experts from science centers; although, it is considered dependent to the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology in its organizational chart.

Nowadays, the Islamic Republic of Iran has achieved a position between first and third in various fields of air and space in the middle-east and due to very active approaches of different countries regarding the space filed, the first step is to maintain the current position.

Iran National Space Administration will follow up its specified targets, by the approach of agility and using the capacity of external human resources as well as researchers and experts from specialized centers.

The strategic objectives of the Iran National Space Administration consist of the following items:

1. The development and application of space technology in the country

2. The promotion of national power, wealth creation and enhancing the quality of life by increasing the capabilities of space technology and its applications

3. Improving the links between science and industry in the field of space technology and applications

4. Commercial development of space technology achievements in the country

5. Raising public awareness and creating the culture of developing space area technology and application 

6. Promoting science, technology and innovation international communication in the field of space technology and applications

National division of labor within the space field is the priority of Iran National Space Administration and the Space field holds the rank "A" priority of technology for the Islamic Republic of Iran. This illuminates the necessity for paying attention to policy making in this section. Therefore, this administration tries to identify relevant institutions in the space sector within the country, and to eliminate gaps and parallel activities in relevant systems, as well as design the outlines and details of national division of labor in this sector and propose suggestions for consensus and coherence of activities in the space field.

Creating mobility in the engines of science and technology in the space field, identifying problems and balancing supply and demand in this sector are another objective of the Iran National Space Administration.

It should be noted that codificating of related policies with a focus on manned missions, space environment and space exploration, evaluating of the current status and objectives in the field of sending humans to space, proposing space policies in the field of sending astronauts to space, within long-term plans, codification of the 1404 horizon plan in the field of space, institutional mapping in different spatial fields and Systematic satellite launching are among the main programs of the Iranian National Space Administration.