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Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST)
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Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST)


School of Mechanical Engineering- Department of Aerospace Engineering

Known as Elm-o Sanat University of Iran, the Iran University of Science and Technology is one of the major technical universities in the country. The main campus is located in Tehran, but there are branches in Arak and Behshahr. The Department of Aerospace Engineering is one of the Mechanical Engineering schools, and offers graduate level aerospace engineering courses in the fields of aerodynamics, propulsion, and air structures. The Department of Electrical Engineering also provides research and educational programs at bachelor’s, master’s and PhD levels in communications topics, including satellite communications. The Power Electronics, Electrical and Magnetic Fields Research Laboratory are pursuing research into the propagation of electromagnetic fields in space. Amongst the works of students active in this laboratory, some 100 papers have been published in valid national and international journals as well as in internal and external conferences.


Satellite research center

IUST space research center has been operating since 2008 with the aim to achieve the design & manufacturing technology of remote sensing and communication satellites. This research center that consists of professors, PhD and MSc students has made considerable progress in different areas. The most important achievements of this center can be pointed out as design and fabrication of Navid Satellite, Tadbir satellite and Zafar satellite.

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