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Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Science (IASBS)
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Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Science (IASBS)


The Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Science is based in Zanjan and focuses on research and education in basic sciences at postgraduate level. It started in 1992 with the Physics Department. Its education and research programs include theoretical condensed matter physics, mathematical physics and astrophysics. In 2000, a 7-year program began in which students follow their undergraduate and graduate courses with a PhD thesis, thereby skipping the master’s thesis. The Physics Department is currently the only place in Iran to offer such a program. It also offers master’s and PhD programs in astrophysics. The Institute also endeavors to engage in scientific, technical, and cultural cooperation with other educational institutions and the relatively young local industry, and to make a deliberate effort to have scientific and cultural impact on the region. The International Advisory Council of the Institute is composed of a host of internationally well-known scholars and scientists. The late Professor Abdus S lam was a member of this council. Members of the Council assist the Institute in delineating its general themes of research, establishing new disciplines, attracting prominent researchers and evaluating its scientific achievements.

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