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Omid Telecommunication Satellite
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Omid Telecommunication Satellite

On February 2, 2009, Iran successfully launched its first domestic SLV, carrying Iran’s first domestic telecommunication satellite called Omid, and injected the satellite into LEO. Omid was developed at the IEI. The launch of Omid, which means ‘Hope’ in the Persian language, put Iran in the club of nine countries to have independent satellite launching and manufacturing capacities. It was a 40cm cube of 27kg that operated as a store-and-forward telecommunication satellite in the UHF band. The orbit was inclined at 55.71 degrees to the equator, its apogee was 381.2km, its perigee was 245.5km, and its nodal period was 90.7min. The main achievements of the Omid project were manufacturing the first domestic space system, acquiring the space technology to drive other industries, persuading academia to cooperate and contribute to the development of space technologies, capacity building in satellite manufacturing, integration and test. Iran was the first country to reach outer space using its own independent satellite launching and manufacturing capacities in the new millennium.

Type / Application Telecommunication / Technology Demonstration
Orbit 245.5 Km – 381.2 Km
Weight 27 Kg
Life Time 50 days
Launch Date 2009
Launch Vehicle Safir-1A

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