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Mesbah Telecommunication Satellite
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Mesbah Telecommunication Satellite

Mesbah (meaning ‘Lantern’), a low earth orbit (LEO) telecommunication satellite, was jointly built by IROST and ITRC in collaboration with. The satellite weighed 65 kg and its dimensions were 70 × 50 × 50 cm. Its operating circular orbit was about 900 km and its inclination was designed to be 98 degrees. At this altitude, it would orbit the Earth 14 times a day, being observable from ground stations four times every 24 hours. The expected lifespan was 3 years.

Three ground stations were considered, one at IROST, one at ITRC and a backup station. Mesbah-1 was scheduled to be launched in late 2006 onboard a Kosmos-3M launch vehicle from the Plesetsk cosmodrome. However, the launch of this satellite has been deferred since then due to some unavoidable circumstances.

Type / Application Communication / Technology Demonstration
Orbit 900 Km
Weight 65 Kg
Life Time 3 Years
Launch Date Cancelled
Launch Vehicle Kosmos-3M

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