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Sounding Rockets
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Sounding Rockets

Kavoshgar is the name of a series of Iran’s suborbital space launchers whose final goal is to make Iran capable to send human into the space. The number of 8 missions has been performed using these launchers -as stepping stone toward this goal- from 2006 to 2014. After 2 primary missions in 2006 and 2008, Kavoshagar-3 was launched on February 3, 2010 carrying a rodent, two turtles, and several worms into sub-orbital space and returned them to Earth. As the first biological payload launched by Iran, it ranked Iran as the sixth country to send animals into space. On March 15, 2011, Kavoshgar-4 was launched with a test capsule designed to carry a monkey, but without a living cargo. Kavoshgar-5 carrying first live monkey was launched for a 20-minute sub-orbital flight in September 2011. Kavoshgar-6 carrying another live monkey which was launched successfully and reached to 120 km height in September 2012.

Kavoshgar-Pishgam (Pioneer) carried the first monkey into space which was successfully recovered back. Pishgam is also the name of this monkey.

Kavoshgar-Pajuhesh (Research) was used to carry Iran’s second live monkey called Fargam into space. In spite of other Kavoshgar launchers, Kavoshgar-Pajuhesh was the first liquid propellant launcher in this manner.

Launcher class Date Height Main Achievements
Kavoshgar-1 A 2006 10 km Iran’s first step to engage in space exploration
Kavoshgar-2 B 2008 40 km Complete success, payload was recovered safely
Kavoshgar-3 B 2010 55 km Iran engaged in Bio Space research
Kavoshgar-4 C 2011 135 km Complete success, payload was recovered safely
Kavoshgar-5 C 2011 120 km First monkey in space, receiving images and biological data
Kavoshgar-6 C 2012 120 km Partially successful, recording and receiving images and biological data
Kavoshgar-Pishgam C 2013 120 km Completely successful, Safe return of Iran’s first space monkey
Kavoshgar-Pajuhesh D 2013 120 km Completely successful, Safe return of Iran’s second space monkey

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