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Fajr Remote Sensing Satellite
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Fajr Remote Sensing Satellite

Fajr was an imaging satellite which also carried an experimental locally made GPS system built by Iran Electronics Industries (IEI). It was the first Iranian satellite to use cold gas thrusters for attitude control and was equipped with solar panels for power generation. Fajr was launched by a Safir-1B rocket from the Iranian Space Agency’s launch site in Semnan Province. The launch took place on 2 February 2015, Iran’s national day of space and the sixth anniversary of the country’s first successful orbital launch. It was launched into an elliptic 224 km × 470 km orbit with an inclination of 55.53°. The satellite was deployed into a low Earth orbit. On 26th February 2015 Fajr reentered earth’s atmosphere after 23.8 days in orbit. The satellite body was a 6-sided prism with a height of 49 cm and a width of 35 cm. The launch weight was 52 kg.

Type / Application Remote Sensing / Technology Demonstration
Orbit 231 Km - 477 Km
Weight 52 Kg
Life Time 23.8 Days
Launch Date 2015
Launch Vehicle Safir-1B

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